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Shropshire Loves

Shropshire Loves Community Interest Company 9907807 was set up with these aims: to provide skills and support to charities, projects and communities to reduce waste in the environment and provide basic needs.

Basic needs can include, but are not exclusive to: housing, food, water, clothing, sanitation, education, supportive online and offline communities to promote well-being.

Shropshire Loves is committed to building communities of people who support local, national and international humanitarian projects.

Shropshire Loves will benefit the community by providing:

  • on and offline communities to build teams of support and source donations for charitable projects;
  • identifying crisis situations worldwide (including, but not exclusive to, shelter and food) and sending in relevant aid/support;
  • preventing crises by supporting projects that enable people to get help before a crisis occurs (including but not exclusive to free food projects).

To trade on and offline, write and publish material, organise events and activities to generate income for humanitarian aid and support.

Shropshire Loves will benefit the community through meeting various community needs: through relieving poverty, sickness or other distress.

Further information about CICs is here:


Unit A6

Stafford Park




01952 872280

Naomi Calabrese
Charity Administrator


Organisation’s website: