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Hi my name is Maggie Stelmach. For the past 5 years I have been a volunteer for Telford Council and help deliver The Freedom Programme. 

I think volunteering must me in my genes.  I've been volunteering on and off for a variety of organisations for more than half my life since I took on the role of Treasurer at the local Playgroup my daughter attended and she's 38.  I've had a paid role as a Volunteer Coordinator and when I worked with the Housing Team I managed a project which created and supported a fully constituted team of volunteers for the Women's Refuge.  I know how important volunteering is to both the local and national economy.  The country would grind to a halt if all volunteers stopped working tomorrow!

Regarding the difference it makes to me. I'm passionate about the Freedom Programme because I see and hear at first hand from victims and survivors about how it helps.  I really enjoy delivering it and it's a great feeling to do something so useful to others.  I especially enjoy the interaction with women and colleagues.  Dare I say it keeps my brain cells active.  Like a healthy diet, volunteering is good for you!

My volunteering jobs have always been easy; hats off to the people who do the hard work.